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Testimonial Summer 2016

“I can Honestly say that this has been my best summer by far. Not only did I get to spend everyday with My Father Jason, step mom Isela and sister the Menace but I also found my 2nd family at Legacy Martial Arts. Thank you so much Professor Joel Garcia Coach Alessandro Rosa Guirado Master Renato Tavares Bjj Professor Thaisio Feliz Coaches Paulie Gloves, Marlon Florida, Quintin Bray Jonathan Juri, John Ashton, Del Brasil-America, Josue Tul Suraj Budhram, Alex David and Ana Carolina Manzatto Menezes for taking me in and teaching me Jiu-jitsu, Hapkido, and Boxing way of life on and off the mats. Also, thank you to all of my teammates for pushing me and helping me grow. It has truly been an Honor to share the mats with you guys and I will definitely miss you guys. I can’t wait to be back and see you guys next summer. OSU”