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In a perfect storm of converging events, sister schools in Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie and Palm Bay have now expanded their family and Brazilian Vale Tudo will PERMANENTLY join us as a brother. We continue to grow so now there are ..

Legacy Vero Beach Head Instructor Renato Tavares

Legacy Port St. Lucie Head Instructor  Fabricio Bicudo

Legacy Vortex Palm Bay  Head Instructor Tommy Wales

Legacy Cardonas West Palm Beach Head Instructor Oscar Alejandro Cardona Aristizabal

Legacy Sebastian Head Instructor Hemerson Navarro

Legacy Palm Coast Spartan Head Instructors Mike Budnik and Leo Gocking

 Legacy Titusville (Panda BJJ) Head Instructor Jason Harris

Legacy Ocala Head Instructor Matt Bartlett

Legacy Orlando (Oviedo) Head Instructors Fred Ramie, Elwil Acevedo and Erik M. Abreu

https://www.legacymmausa.com/legacy-oviedo/Each Legacy Association site offers a free one week trial period.

How to Prepare for a Tournament

What I take to be in shape question…
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Rest, Yes
Recovery, yes