Tavares Association Tournament

Renato Tavares Association In House Tournament

Saturday, October 27th, RT Association held a tournament benefiting Project Hope. Project Hope serves those in need around the world.

Children competed at 10 am and Adults at 12 pm.


Completed my first tournament yesterday and won both matches! Huge thank you to Master Renato Tavares Bjj for all the coaching over this past year and for always setting the example of how to live on and off the mat. Also all my training partners and instructors on Tuesday and Thursday nights…Thank you, I couldn’t have done it with out you! Huge shout out to my beautiful bride Emily Rahemi who encourages me go gym every week. #roll4hope

I was sooooo crazy and busy today that I couldn’t take one picture from our in house tournament!!!! I want to say thank you so much for all the Parents and kids from Legacy Martial Arts Saint Lucie West!!! I’m more than proud of each one of your kids!!! I love them and I love you parents!!! Thank you so much for believe in our work and team!!! Don’t forget to bring your medals Monday!!!! Renato Tavares Bjj Fabricio Bicudo Bjj Sara Barton Viviana Mazanoski Monika Mialka Kowalski Martyna Mialka Tanya Rodriguez-SedaDavidandAshley Barber Manuel Parra Anna Ouellette Nicholas Ouellette Ben Williamsen Christopher West Chris Rodriguez Dominic Siano Nasly CabezasPepe Acevedo

Very proud to be a part of such a great association Renato Tavares BjjFabricio Bicudo Bjj Alessandro Rosa Guirado OSS!

What a great day at the Roll for Hope in house tournament! Everyone stepped on those mats, gave it their all for a great cause. I’m proud of everyone, especially the kids (some serious talent out there!) that came and represented for their teams! Thank you to all the coaches and parents for your hard work and dedication to these kids and the sport!
Courage and heart …. that’s what these guys showed by the boat load today. Win or not they concurred the mat and walked away better then they came. To be able to witness even a small part of their journey is an honor.
What a wild day. I received my blue belt (ignore the stripe) from Master Renato Tavares Bjj before competing at the in house tournament for Roll 4 Hope and winning both matches with a submission. Despite the look on my face, I couldn’t be any happier, it still doesn’t feel real. Jiu Jitsu has done so much for me and I’ve met so many great people because of it, many people I would consider family. Thanks to all the people that have gotten me to this point: Renato Tavares Bjj, Suraj Budhram, Mike Wester, Melissa Bentley, Dustin Martin, Shaughn Koukos, Fabricio Bicudo Bjj, Hemerson Ricardo Navarro, Thaisio Feliz, Jacob Kim, Jeremy Lloyd (thanks for letting me borrow the belt), Benjamin Porch, Dinesh Erram, Danny Tat, Joaquin Donesfor introducing me to jiu jitsu in the first place, all the coaches that have done the seminars, all the people I’ve ever rolled with, my parents for putting up with my hangry fits before tournaments. There’s so many people to thank and I know I’ll feel bad later for leaving people out but you all make up every fiber of this blue belt and I look forward to this next chapter.

Legacy Sebastian kids did an awesome job today at the tournament really proud of all of you

Noah took double gold. I took silver. #RollForHope                             Was great seeing so many new competitors in the kids divisions. And was really fun competing against a couple of really tough teammates. It is really cool to feel the pressure and technique that is being taught at all the different division of our Academy. Each instructor has a unique way of teaching and it really opens your eyes to all of the different aspects of this sport. So blessed to call you guys family. Renato Tavares Bjj Eldridge WynnMelissa Bentley TJ OConnor Tommy Wales Mikey Fit Ray Hooker Benjamin Porch Cristiano Catchi Silva Fabricio Bicudo Bjj Alessandro Rosa GuiradoSuraj Budhram Flavia Silva and so many more..

What a great day at the first Annual Roll for Hope In-house Jiu Jitsu tournament… we took a team of over 30 competitors to support a great cause I’d like to thank all competitors and parents for your support. And also congratulate everyone that stepped on the mat and competed today I am so proud of each and everyone of y’all..
You guys showed true warrior spirit.
Now let’s get back in the gym and fix a few things and hit the next tournament…. Osssss
Team RT/Vortex

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