Legacy Titusville Belt Promotions

Legacy Titusville Belt Promotion Night

Titusville belt promotions

To the average person they don’t understand what it takes to get promoted in jiujitsu. It takes so much sacrifice and dedication. Training through pain or mental issues. Getting yourself up off the couch night after night to go train when you could be lazy and sit at home. Last night was awesome to see two guys be awarded for that dedication was so awesome. Each of them trained 4-5 times a week. Mike Cunningham for a year to get his blue and Caleb Harris 4 years to get from blue to purple. So many quit when they see how much sacrifice it takes. But I have no doubt that these two have what it takes to get to black belts one day.
Love being able to help others progress in this amazing lifestyle of jiujitsu.

Tonight was one of the most special nights of my life and I was blessed to spend it with my amazing family. I was able to do my first two promotions. Congratulations to Mike Cunningham on his blue and to Caleb Harris for his purple. These two have worked so hard to earn these promotions.
But to be able to put that purple on and share that moment with Caleb was so special to me. I’m so freaking proud of the man he has become.
I’m so grateful for TJ OConnor, Professor Brandon Dames, and Professor Tommy Wales for coming up and being part of it.


We tried to tie his belt on him while rolling without him knowing. We got it on but couldn’t tie it. Honestly one of my favorite moments in my life to be able to share this moment with my son. Caleb Harris I’m so proud of you and love you so much. You have worked so hard for this and very much deserved.

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