Tavares Association Weekend Update

Kansas City BJJ and Orlando Classic


And this weekend just getting better and better. Today I was abled to teach 2 seminars. All together I was share the mats with over 60 people and not just that, I promoted John F. Castillo to 2nd degree. He’s one those first ones that got together with Scott Hewitt and helped me to started my Association, thank both of you for the support. I couldn’t be where I am if were for both of you. I’m really grateful for what you guys did for me.
Plus I met Fred Ettish a Legend, great and humble guy that fought at UFC2 back in a day.
Now he’s not just still teaching, training, sparing, but at 63 years old he’s train Jiu Jitsu and still hungered to learn. Could asked for better example and motivation to do what I’m doing.
Thank you Fred for your Legacy.

Amazing day at the Florida Classic BJJ in Orlando!!!
I’m very happy and very proud of you guys!!!!
OSS ?????
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Tavares Association

Nothing better than hearing your son cheer in your corner! Took all of about 13 hours there and back, but to hear him say, “that was an awesome day!” , man it just melts my heart.

I cant wait to see how far this adventure goes. And the knowledge and friends that will be gained along the way.

Today these two boys did amazing job at Florida Classic Bjj Tournament!!!! Gold and Bronze medals!!!! I’m super proud of them!!! They train hard every day!!!! Congratulations boys!!!Chris Rodriguezz   

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