Tavares Gym Affiliate Honduras


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Honduras

Honduras gym


Amazing day in Honduras.

Is nice to see how our affiliates grow from the last time I was here.
Thank you every one from the USA gyms that support donated gis for this project.
100% no profit and taking kids out of parent’s abuse, gangs, and bad influences, giving those kids a new perspective in life, education and values from Martial Art.
Raul Carrasco have been doing amazing job and I could be more proud and happy to be involve in something so great.
Jiu Jitsu is my life, and everything I have, all the places that I visit, all the great coaches that I had and have, the brothers and sisters that are in my life came from this amazing art that GOD put in my way, and I will keeping using this tolls to change people life.
The project here still new and we still need a lot help to keep impact and influence as many people are possible.
If you want to help, please contact me and let’s keep grow the BJJ and support projects like that

Honduras Gym


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