Honduras Now

Lobo Carrasco BJJ Academy.

El Progreso, Honduras

Raul Carrasco is the head instructor at this Legacy Affiliate in Honduras.

Wayne Marble is head instructor at Blue Springs Jiu Jitsu also a Legacy affiliate.

We have the visit of professor Wayne Marble black belt in Brazilian jiujitsu all in Honduras are invited to share with us. We get 2 days of training, today and tomorrow 5-7 pm. So you don’t have to stay behind the BJJ is to share.

Tenemos la visita de professor Wayne Marble BLACK BELT EN BRAZILIAN JIUJITSU todos en Honduras están invitados a compartir con nosotros. Nos restan 2 días de entrenamiento, hoy y mañana 5-7 pm . Así que no hay que quedarse atrás el BJJ es para compartir.

iujitsu to form leaders! Jiujitsu to form love! Jiujitsu to create dreams in them and show them the way to achieve them! You Wolf Carrasco Renato Tavares Bjj. Rtfamily.

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