Honduras Update


I want to share w you guys some pics about the boys in the martial art program in Honduras, I really want to say thanks for every GI that is getting here as a armor, as an aportunity as a hope for this boys from you guys. Jiujitsu is a powerful tool to impact life’s and I’m very thankful to be w you guys in this war. Thanks to all the people that send a GI TO HONDURAS thank you and I hope to see you here guys ! ???????????????? thanks máster Renato Tavares Bjj thank you! OOSS.
(Sorry for my English is terrible)

Honduras Update


So happy to receive my master Renato Tavares Bjj to 7 x BJJ WORLD CHAMPION! Honduras is lucky to have you here! Seeing him coming and giving him a welcome hug for me is always emotional, because it’s not just an example, guide, a warrior for me is my mentor, my friend, my family!

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