2017 Seminar and Belt Ceremony

Magical Weekend for the 2017 Seminar and Belt Ceremony

   Friday night open mat                                                                        t

Open Mat                         


Belt Ceremony

Family ❤️❤️ — with Dario Torres, TJ OConnor, Jason Harris, Michael Alberts, Erin Freshwater, Kara Lakey, Tommy Wales, Brandi Conroy, Claudio Lespier, Maurice Lewis, Christian Smith, Jessica Augello, Sam Mendes and Nate Simpson.

Many new black belts:                                Belt ceremony

Today I was honored to be promoted to black belt by master Renato Tavares Bjj along side my brother Lucas Morley!!! Words cannot express the gratitude I have to have had such amazing inspiration in this sport. Thanks to all my past and present professors. Brad Wolfson , Doug Gallant , Jay Bell , Joel Garcia, Fabricio Bicudo Bjj thanks to my brother Brazilian Vale Tudo for always being there

Amazing end the Year seminar
At the end 30 Black Belts on the Mat


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