Legacy Mid Year Seminar Walking Tree Brewery

Mid year Seminar RT Association at Walking Tree Brewery

legacy mid year seminar


AMAZING DAY!! This sums up our Memorial day Saturday, Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian BBQ and fellowship. Thank you Master Renato Tavares Bjj for an amazing event, thank you to all the Professors that shared some great techniques. Claudia Cardona
Woww what an amazing day I had today! laying down here organizing my thoughts letting everything settled down…I am just humbled and happy for this day. Today I got my first stripe on my black belt after being a black belt for 5 years I had the privilege and honor to get my first degree under Master Renato Tavares Bjj it is an honor! Thank you sir! Words can not express my gratitude! These past week was very rough for me personally from loosing a great friend to broken dreams, but today I got a new breath of fresh air! What makes this day even more special is that my good friend/brother/ partner Mike Budnik also got his second degree on his black belt, I could not have asked for a better partner to have this gym with congratulations my man!!!
As an instructor it makes me very happy to see the progression of your students and today a few got very well deserved promotions…your hard work and dedication to our gym is greatly appreciated.
Raymond Phan purple belt
Jamie Spathelf purple belt
Gabriel Spathelf Orange
Anna and Alexia (Mandie Stevens) gray and yellow
Chris Caangay blue belt
David Reyes blue belt
Jimmy Esguerra brown belt
Trevy Trev purple belt
Today was a good day! I really needed this day to reorganize my thoughts and put things in to perspective…I am blessed and humble to be surrounded by great people in my life!!! Leo Gocking

Walking Tree Brewery

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