Renato Tavares BJJ Colorado Seminar

BJJ Colorado

Another amazing time in Colorado.
So Grateful and Thankful for GOD for putting this great Martial art in my life. Thank you Ethan Day and Leanna Dittrich for amazing time and John
and his wife for your hospitality to let me stay in your beautiful home and be able to enjoy a unbelievable view.
Thanks Amal Easton to open your gym one more time. You have amazing staff and professors.
Great to see and train with great friends. Congratulations to all 9 new Blue Belts and 4 Purples Marcelo Motta Eliot Marshall
shoyoroll Mission 22 Jefferey Perez (Nous Defions) We Defy Foundation

What a GREAT way for this week to end! I am very blessed to have been promoted to purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! I want to thank Amal Easton and the Easton family for making this possible, beginning my journey at Centennial (thank you Prof. Vellore for the early years) and moving to the Castle Rock ETC the first week it was open. Thank you Prof. Chris for being there the whole journey! (I had quite a few privates the first few weeks the gym was open because I was the only one there!). Thank you to Prof. Leanna for your kind encouragement, Prof. Ian for your friendship and Prof. Suskin for your Sunday flow rolls and yoga, Master Renato for constant vision and carrying the Carlson Gracie style forward, Master Clean for our sessions and for seeing my weaknesses and correcting them, and finally my Professor Ethan for spending years training with me in privates and in classes, focusing and refocusing my game, kicking me in the pants, yelling at me and giving me hope, and challenging me to be more that I could ever have dreamed! Helping me understand the reasoning and calculation of timing and strategy.

To my training partner Brian Collins- thanks for putting up with all those “wrong” moves. And to ALL OF THE EASTON CASTLE ROCK FAMILY for your attentiveness and teaching. I couldn’t have done any of this with out all of you! John Kane for being with me since the beginning! I am very blessed to know all my Jiu Jitsu friends all over the world! I also want to thank my wife Becky and kids for allowing me to spend countless hours in this sport, traveling with an extra large suitcase in trips so I can take my gi and gear along! This is a process, it takes time and energy. For me it is a place to escape my crazy life for a few minutes and focus on a totally different part of life! Thanks ETC Castle Rock for making me a better person! Greg Boman

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