Tavares Association Seminar and Belt Promotion

seminar and belt ceremony

The highly anticipated yearly seminar and belt promotion weekend was this Friday, December 2nd and Saturday December 3rd.

Friday evening from 6-8pm the Legacy Vero mats filled with men, women and young adults excited about meeting some new people and the opportunity to roll and learn from higher ranked practitioners of the art of jiu jitsu.

This blogger was able to roll with Jamie Laviano from Hamby gym in Georgia. He and his brother, Jeremy had driven 6.5 hours that afternoon to attend the two day seminar. What an experience! Americanas, Kimuras, arm bars and fending off tapping out.

Saturday was amazing as the empty space filled with jiu jitsuka. Twenty black belts, approx 100 students with various colored belts, children, wives and husbands, men and women and dedicated spectators.

black belts

“Thanks all coaches, students, parents and friends that came to support the End the Year and Belt Ceremony Seminar
12 years ago I started my association and since that a lot of work has been done. A lot of dedication, travel, stay away from family, some frustrations, some disappointment,… But a lot fun, new friends, new brothers and sister, happy moments and memorable moments.
Could ask for better Martial Arts to dedicate my life
Thanks God to Jiu Jitsu in my life and for every thing you have been doing in my life
I promise to all of you to much more years of dedication
I love you all” Renato Tavares

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