Tavares Association Seminar and Belt Ceremony 2018

The Best Yet. 2018 Tavares Association and Belt Ceremony









What a great day at the RT end of the year seminar. Amazing techniques and Jiu Jitsu fellowship. Thank you to everyone that made the trip down to support such a great event.
Congrats to Zach Wickline and Steeler Shannon Johnson on your promotion to Purple belts and Timmy Langston Jessica Augello Mikey Fitand Thomas Bachmann on your promotions to Blue belt. I also had the the honor to promote my brother Jason Harris to the rank of Black belt.. I am so lucky to have each one of you guys in my life… Let’s continue to grow on and off the mats…
Thanks you Master Renato Tavares Bjj for hosting such an amazing event.
Jiu Jitsu changes lives…. Osssss

Today I receive my black belt from Master Renato Tavares. When I met Master Renato Tavares in 2008 he’s invited me to get know he’s first gym in Vero Beach.From that moment I decide to start a new journey in my life.Since that day, I never stop.Even when my son was born and I had to work double six days a week to provide to my family but at the least I would go training couple days a week if a had the chance.Jiu-jitsu made a better person,father and humble.I will be grateful in life for Master Renato Tavares Bjj for everything he has done to me to make me a better person in all aspects and I will honor he’s flag whatever I go.A very special thanks to my Professor Fabricio Bicudo Bjj.Thank you Professor for make my game get better and helping on this journey to my black belt.Thanks for Professor Flavio Serafin for been with me in Brazil and make me grow as a jiu-jitsu fighter.Thanks Professor Joel Garcia to always encourage me to move forward with my game.And all my teammates In Vero Beach And Port st Lucie.My Wife Chaenne Felix and Son Rafael.I love you so much.This is for you both.
Thank you Suraj Budhram and John Ashton for always inspiring me.Ossssssssssssssss.

Today I was promoted to Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by my master Renato Tavares Bjj, I’m incredibly grateful as this sport has completely changed my life, there are so many people who have helped me through this process from all over the world, thank you master Renato for believing in me since day 1 and always having my back and giving me the best advice at the prefect moments, always elevating me and inspiring all of us on and off the mat, I want to especially thank Professor Fabricio Bicudo Bjj for making us better day in and day out in PSL, he is responsible for a huge growth in my game, thank you to all my coaches especially the ninja John Ashton who helped me through a real rough time and has always helped me grow, my brothers Suraj Budhram, Eder Correa, Joe Costa, Alessandro Rosa Guirado, Christopher West, Jake Straus, Daniel Donaldson thank you guys for always keeping it real with me and being there for me always 100%, love you guys! Thank you to all of my training partners and NoGi students at Legacy Martial Arts who help me get better everyday!! To each and every coach who has some how formed a part of this process Din Thomas, Joel Garcia, Mario Rinaldi, Anthony J. Esposito, Carlos Quintero & Pablo Hernández all of you played a huge role in my journey at a certain time and for that I will forever be grateful!! This triumph is not only for me but also for my brother who started this journey with me 11 years ago in Hawaii as 2 crazy kids just trying to fight MMA, we made a promise once we discovered Jiu Jitsu that we would get our black belts today since he is no longer with us this is for you Ice we did it!

“Hard times don’t last, but hard people do”. Step one on this path complete. I couldn’t have done without having the amazing environment that my RTA family provides that challenges us, and helps us grow. The love and support of my coaches @tommywales and @brandibjj, encouragement in my times of doubt from TJ OConnor (thank you for everything) and my other half @danny_bachmann_jr . Thank you to every single one of my teammates for walking with me on this journey.




So happy for another milestone!! Thank you Professor Tommy Wales and thanks to all of my training partners, Professors and other brethren in the RT Association. Purp!!