Fight to Win Dallas with Renato Tavares

Tavares Takes Dallas

When your opponent on the middle of the match look at you and say, “You are strong” couldn’t the laugh
Great pic like always by Mike Calimbas
Thank you Seth Daniels for another opportunity to fight on this amazing event.
Thank you my sponsors
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  …and then a seminar.
Man today is a good day today I move up to purple belt in jiu jitsu and it has been one fun adventure up to this point but I would be where I’m at if it wasn’t for every person out there who has helped me to this point from the first person to ever show me jiu jitsu Eddie L.G. Nangauta to my coach now in Robert Grey Tisdale but there has been many others like Lizandro Gonzalez Adam Russell (who also got his purple belt today) Reggie Sanders. Doni Engel Conan Brian Watt James Dreibelbis Phil Platt Zachary Rapadas I know I’m forgetting a bunch of people to thank but thank u everyone who’s been here for me I love and respect you all !!and lastly but not the least I would like to thank Renato Tavares Bjj for coming down And being here for this also !!! Ryan Alvarez.

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