Legacy Gyms at Florida Federation

Legacy Martial Arts Gyms Compete at Florida Federation IBJJ


Improvements from States
Joshua McBride Top heavy side control and north south position
Benjamin Porch single leg ankle lock or sweep
Dinesh Erram Explode when needing to.

It was a great experience “testing new waters” yesterday at the Florida State BJJ championship (18 Aug 2018, Coral Springs, FL) against some real tough martial artists Rodolfo Lima and James Barros…congratulations Rodolfo Lima…!!

Firstly, thank you Renato Tavares Bjj for teaching us the ground art and for being an amazing BJJ practitioner yourself…also a big thank you to all the professors of RTBJJ association Fabricio Bicudo Bjj Suraj BudhramHemerson Ricardo Navarro and many others who continue to pass down their knowledge and also ‘tap us out often’ at the same time…

thank you also to all students of RTBJJ association for being there for training and helping each other grow…nothing would be possible without having you guys to train with in the first place…finally thank you Suraj Budhram Flavia Silva,Benjamin Porch Justin Banh Danny Tat Evandro Marmiroli for cornering/supporting me…you guys are awesome!! Oss Dinesh Erram

We have been together for 4 months and today you have made me very proud ….. Good work from each one of you.
10 athletes state jiu jitsu state championship. We brought 9 podiums result of #sebastianflorida #sebastianfl #sebastianriver#legacymartialarts #renatotavaresassociation #navarrojj
3 Diamonds
2 Silver
4 Bronze
Hemerson Navarro
Had some intense matches today and got the desired result. I am nothing without my team pushing me every step of the way. Thank you Master Renato Tavares Bjj, Hemerson Ricardo Navarro, Fabricio Bicudo Bjj, Mike Wester, Melissa Bentley, Shaughn Koukos and Suraj Budhram for the advice/coaching and a huge thank you to everyone of my training partners at the gym. Because you made the training hard, today felt easy.
See you on Monday. And thank you to my amazing wife Holly who supported me all the way. Couldn’t have done it without you. Ben Porch

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