Legacy Vortex’s OConnor Win at Fundraiser

Vortex’s TJ OConnor competed Sunday night at a Fundraiser to Benefit Kaleb’s Cure. The event was held Sunday, May 7th, at Renegade Bar &Grill in West Palm Beach.

Kaleb¬†was diagnosed with a rare and terminal neurological disorder, called Sandhoff’s Disease.

This debilitating disease attacks the central nervous system causing the child to loose their ability to swallow, they begin suffering from seizures, it causes paralysis, respiratory distress and ultimately death. Kaleb lost his battle with this terrible disease on October 3, 2012.

Other Legacy members who competed are Fred Ramie, Tommy Wales, Jacob Kim and  Suraj Budhram.

Kaleb's Cure Fundraiser

“Achievement unlocked. Did my best to represent Vortex Jiu Jitsu Academy, Renato Tavares Bjj, and my brothers in the Army (Nous Defions, We Defy Foundation) Absolute rush to fight in a cage. Thanks so much to Professor Tommy Wales, and Suraj Budhram for coaching me. Thanks to all my teammates who drove 2+ hours on a Sunday evening (Jason Harris, Ian Jeremy Ritter, Brandi Conroy, Angela Garcia, Erin Freshwater, Dale Webb.) Oss!” TJ OConnor

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