Team Legacy-Miami Open

Final medal count for team Legacy. 16 gold 07 Silver 02 Bronze

Melissa Bentley “Awesome day with my awesome BJJ family! Double gold at the Miami Spring Open, Carlson Gracie Team won 1st overall and I got to see some of my great friends! Thank you to all my teammates and training partners. Thank you to my amazing coaches. Thank you master Renato, I’m slowly seeing what you see in me and I will keep pushing to get better. Thank you to the best sponsors #groundfighter and #donmegateam for believing in me and standing with me!”

miami open

Igor Nasciamento “Thank you master Renato, Bicudo, Hemerson for all the support,you guys are the best!!! Thanks to my father and master Thaisio for helping me, i love you dad !!! Thank you teacher Joel Garcia, Tommy and Igor Almeida for all the support !!!! I also want to thank Michel Romano and Daniel Romano for making my registration in miami possible! I love my team thank you for training every day !!!”


igor miami open

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