RT Association and Pans

Master Renato Tavares Takes Gold at Pans

Gold at Pans

Another event on my book. This Pans was a big challenge.

About 4 weeks ago I didn’t know if I going to compete.
I traveled to Hunduras for 4 days, Poland 5 days, hours of traveling, 2 days trip to Salt Lake
I was feeling like I going to skip this time.
After came back from Poland I felt that my condition got back after 4 days of 2 times a day of hard train with Exilados, by the way thank you Dominik Małkowski and Exilados Poland Rtbjja team to helped me to step up.

Soon I got back needed to deal with neck and shoulder problems for the last 2 weeks, but in my mind I needed to do that for my team, my family. I had some good conversations with couple students about what motivate me to compete. Is not about the medal, is not about person satisfaction, but is for all the people, students and family that have been support me for all this years.

Do for others, don’t be selfish, you don’t won events if you don’t have a great team behind you!!!
I love give back to them every thing they give to me every day. To be live in me, my Jiu Jitsu, my friendship….
I do to support causes like Mission 22, Black Belt for Butterflies, we Defy Foundation, Los Lobos Soil-diers,…

I got in California with my neck and shoulders looked and did 4 times jacuzzi in 2 days to relaxed my muscles and be able to fight. Couple of times passing in my mind that was a good decision to compete because I didn’t know if my shoulder and neck will hold together. And after each fight I was in big pain.

But every time I was stepped on the mat my mind was turning on in all the hard train, my team (Family), Carlson Gracie spirit, and my Little girl and my wife and didn’t want let anybody down.
But I couldn’t do anything without GOD. I lot time people think that get some where or do some big because they are the reason why. You can do nothing if is not through him or because him blessing.

I want to dedicate this medal to my Brothers Fabricio Bicudo Bjj and Joel Garcia, to My Wife Angela S Lamb and my little girl Victoria

Thanks shoyoroll, Nous Defions, We Defy Foundation, Mission 22
for the support to get here
God First Action Sports

Renato at Pans

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