Miami Open 2018

Tavares Association Miami Open  2018


Another amazing day in Miami.
We had a lot of fun and the Team did great one more time.
Thank you so much all the coaches and Competitors that came and fought hard and represented our Family so well.
A lot double golds and single gold.
And a special moment to be at the top of the podium with my first Black Belt Hemerson Ricardo Navarro weight and Absolute.
Can’t forget all my Sponsors and supporter that is always on my back give the opportunity to do what loved.

Danny Tat

Miami Open 2018 champion! Finished my first match with a triangle and my final match I won with a sweep with a few seconds left to win by one point. Huge huge thanks to Master Renato Tavares Bjj , such an honor to be training with you and to be able to represent the association. Big shoutout to Justin Banhfor always pushing me in the gym, you’re a beast no matter the outcome. Thank you to all my coaches and training partners❤️LETS GOO RTA!!🙏🙏

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