Operation Hope Project

Operation Hope Project Nicaragua

Hope Project
I want to share and ask the BJJ community for partnership with the
Hope Project in a mission to save Lives and give hope to families in Nicaragua.
On September 16th to 22nd the Hope Project is going to Nicaragua to build some houses. Right now they have money to build 3 houses with 8 volunteers.
I want to invite 10 people to come with me to help and give a couple more families a opportunity to have a roof.
Every year a lot of kids pass way because they don’t have a place to live. Living on the street and lying down on the ground to mortality of Kids is huge.
When they have a concrete floor the mortality can drop 50%.
And I looking to raise 5000 to build 6 more houses.
Please inbox me if you want to come and I will Contact The Hope Project to make sure we have a donation page for this trip.

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