Tavares Association Results IBJJ 2018

Tavares Association Worlds Results

I lost by an advantage today trying to make something happen with short time left and it almost worked out for me. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.
I left it all on the mat and gave 100%, just like I ask of my students.
I can’t wait to get back to St. Joseph Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and start preparing for NoGi Worlds!
Thank you to all my coaches and training partners for all the help getting ready these last few months and an extra special thanks to my girls back home, Jade and Elowen for always believing in me and making me a better human on and off the mat. I love you!
#FUJIathlete Deryck Ripley

2nd in my bracket at worlds. Lost by an advantage. I did not participate in the absolute this time. Back to the laboratory to keep developing my game. Thank you to all my training and lifting partners. I appreciate you guys. Special thanks to my coaches: Jason Bircher, Anna Martin, and Renato Tavares Bjj Jen Case

I thought it was mine today but it wasn’t. I lost in the finals to a knee bar in my division for second place. I made a mistake in the beginning with my grips and she capitalized on it. I went on to absolute and lost to a refs decision in the quarter finals. Went 3-2 for the day. All in all I was happy with my performance, I’ve just got to tighten up and fix some things! I’ve won master worlds at purple and brown belt and I will get that title at black! Thank you to everyone who has supported me, trained with me, guided me, pushed me and kept me sane! I love my team and I can never thank you all enough! Thanks to my beautiful family for always having my back through everything! I love you all! Melissa Bentley

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