Tavares Seminar Ocala Jiu Jitsu Academy

Awesome seminar with the Master Renato Tavares Bjj!!! No pictures, because I was kinda busy, lol.
Glad to see some faces back- Denise Long ❤️, the Deckers (Jennifer Decker) ❤️.
Matthew Clinker– congrats and thank you for today- makes a big difference in my fundamentals! Thanks for taking the time with me! 🤙🏻
An ABSOLUTELY wonderful seminar today. Thank you Jesus! ♥️. I felt like I was home again after a few months hiatus. Master Renato Tavares Bjjalways a pleasure when in your presence sir. You are one of a kind.
 What an incredible day today! Thank you to Master Renato Tavares Bjjand Master Navarro for sharing your love and knowledge with my students and I, thank you to all of my students that came out today to show respect and gain so much knowledge from an incredible master. Congratulations to Daryl on your blue belt and congratulations to Matthew Clinker and Dylan Volpe on your purples! Fantastic day guys! Ossssss!!!!

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